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*HUMAN// Derya is a Turkish-American multidisciplinary artist whose mission is to explore and express ideas and stories in whichever medium they dictate. She holds a BFA from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Derya is passionate about smashing the patriarchy and bringing radical care, compassion, and consideration to every creative endeavor and relationship.

*CREATOR - PERFORMER// Derya recently appeared in NEXT EXIT, the haunting debut feature of first time Director and many times over producer Mali Elfman, which opened to rave reviews at Tribeca Film Festival and is currently streaming on many platforms including THIS ONE. Derya is currently developing a solo performance for Sorority Theatre in Los Angeles, helmed by beloved punk feminist theatre maker Gina young, set to perform summer 2023. Derya wrote, produced, costume designed, and performed in her critically acclaimed one act play Hazel in Descent, a multimedia fairy tale for grown people in NYC and is currently developing it into a full length piece for an LA based theater company.


Derya has written and performed in several solo shows on various New York and LA stages, and has also played (many) zombies, the mother of a dead cat, and a singing chicken- to name a few. She made her West Coast stage debut as "Hera" in Project Nongenue's The Tragedy of Medusa. She works as often as possible with LA's own Sorority Theatre Company, including a recent turn as "Mary Mother of God" in Grand Canyon P*ssy, through the lens of Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo in Golden Girls - you're welcome.


*VISUAL ARTIST// Derya is a visual artist who works both analogue (paint, ink, paper, fiber art, clay, etc) as well as digital (Procreate). She has been commissioned by private clients for both figural and abstract works, and has created objects, art, and creatures for stages and for screen, including a custom costume recreation of an established abstract painting for the TV show GOOD TROUBLE on Freeform. Because her ascendant is in Virgo, she maintains an extensive and elaborate visual reference library via Pinterest, which you are welcome to utilize. She recently teamed up with Young Victory Group to offer tee shirt designs with all proceeds benefitting Stacey Abrams' org - Fair Fight, which are still available for purchase - check out the tee shirts HERE! Derya is currently co-developing a creature design and puppet with Adam Laupus for Blacklist and UPS sponsored short film BEASTS.


*COSTUME DESIGNER// Derya has designed for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and NYC in television, film, stage, web, and print. She has been nominated for her work on the digital series The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, and has worked with visionary and notable filmmakers including Mali Elfman (Next Exit, TIFF premiere) Sydney Freeland (Her Story, Emmy-nominated series), Janicza Bravo (Man Rots From the Head starring Michael Cera), Pippa Bianco (Share, winner- first prize Cinéfondation Award Cannes), Laura Moss (Eureka! - the first of the series Neurotica starring Karen Gillan), and many more. She has worked in a wide variety of genres from naturalistic dramas to horror to the highly stylized comedy worlds of Funny or Die. Here's a (mostly) comprehensive list.

>>> To learn approximately 90 minutes worth of assorted information about Derya, check out her interview with comic book author and podcast host Jamie Gambell on his show, This is Who I Am <<<


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